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Download Free Brainfeeder Sampler



Brainfeeder, the LA based label founded by Flying Lotus, have very generously posted a free label sampler on their site. It features the music of Flying Lotus, Thundercat, The Gaslamp Killer, Daedlus, and a whole heap of other artists signed to the label. It’s a free mix of some the most exciting, forward thinking, and mind bending music currently being produced, so you’d best get to downloading then.

You can download the mix here:



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Battles – ‘Dross Glop’ Remixes

Battles are releasing a series of remixes of tracks from their excellent 2011 album ‘Gloss Drop’ on February 6th. They’ve teased fans – us included – with two tracks from ‘Dross Glop’, and Gui Boratto’s effort is a particularly promising cut. Brazil’s foremost techno veteran reduces ‘Wall Street’s claustrophobic mood to a cold, surf-tinged groove.

The other remix comes courtesy of fellow Kompakt player The Field. ‘Sweetie & Shag’ is minimised into a four-bar loop and stretched out to a gently euphoric nine minutes. At one point you might zone in on the hypnotic drum patterns, the faint suggestion of a one-note guitar line, or the sexually suggestive breathing that permeates throughout. Fans of The Field will not be disappointed.

The Men “Open Your Heart”

The Men are musical chameleons. Last year they released Leave Home, a record showcasing krautrock, punk, thrash and even doom metal influences. This new track, “Open your Heart” , which is lifted from the upcoming release on Sacred Bones on March 6, is far more accessible than their previous work. Borrowing sounds from Husker Du, and other slacker 90’s indie bands, it propels alone at breakneck speed, with a chorus that showcases the poppier side to the Brooklyn quartet. But is this a good thing? While the band have openly expressed their desire to move away from the anarchic noise-fuck from last year, this new Men’s sound is kinda tame and boring. Have they turned all wimp on us? Black Tar hopes this limp wrist approach is restricted to this track alone. Fingers-crossed!

Check it out over on Pitchfork:

Matthew Dear – ‘Headcage’ EP

It’s been a year and a half since Matthew Dear’s last original release. In the ever-evolving world of electronic music, that is a long time. What’s changed?
If you’re familiar with Dear’s lengthy back catalogue up to this point, don’t expect a cataclysmic change in sound palette. Sonically, Headcage is a continuation of the sensual, pad-laden techno explored on 2010’s excellent Black City. Headcage, though, shows both Dear’s more playful side – the titular track and ‘In the Middle (I Met You There) – and his more reflective side – the last two tracks, ‘Street Song’ and ‘Around A Fountain.’
Frankly, the former two could easily have fit on Black City, but it’s the the latter where new avenues are explores. On those two tracks percussion is minimal, allowing the Michigan producer’s unorthodox tendencies to breathe. ‘Around A Fountain’ is particularly impressive. It comes across like an amorphous hymn for the sleep-deprived raver; a lullaby for lost seratonin interjected with shamanic groans.
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Jamie xx b2b Caribou

Jamie xx b2b Caribou

There’s only one way to get yourself into the Friday groove today. In October, Jamie xx played back to back with Caribou at the launch of Radiohead‘s ‘TKOL RMX’ at the Boiler Room.

The mix isn’t always flawless, but the song selection is frankly so good it doesn’t matter. Follow the link to listen to their incredible house-tinged set including bangers from the likes of Mosca, Eliphino and Liquid Liquid.

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Jamie xx remixes Radiohead

Everyone’s favorite producer of elegantly austere yet thumping tunes is at again. His third remix of Radioheads ‘Bloom’, the first was released last year and who knows where the second is,  is to be released on vinyl in a limited edition Young Turks white label release and it isn’t too shabby a remix either. But why bother paying money and exerting effort when you can just stream it below?

And because we’re so generous we’ve also thrown in the other Bloom remix in for your listening pleasure.


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Right, I can’t wait any longer. I was going to post this on Friday , but fuck it, weekdays are the new weekends anyway. As regular readers will know, Black Tar is fond of a solid Disco groove. It turns out that the good folks at Future Boogie Recordings have also got the bug, especially new signing Humberto Matias aka Social Disco Club. His recent mix is Disco at it’s finest. This is music for the dry-ice, the reflection of the disco ball on gyrating bodies, and the wait at the end of the night when you can’t find your fur coat. Get down on Wednesday night:
(right click to download)


Jacques Greene – ‘Arrow’ feat. Koreless

Last year, Jacques Greene garnered praise from the likes of Caribou and Radiohead. Evidently the Canadian producer wants to capitalise on his momentum, as he’s releasing a new EP, Concealer, through his own label Vase on January 30th.

Following lead single ‘Flatline’ is ‘Arrow’, featuring Koreless. The lack of a vocal means it’s more understated than – and perhaps lacks the immediacy of – older tracks like ‘Another Girl’, but it’s great nonetheless. The nine-minute length of the song allows Greene and Koreless to fully explore the groove before settling on a soothing post-coital outro. Listen below.

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Watch New Freddie Gibbs and Madlib video

What do you get when you cross a legendary producer and one of the hottest underground rappers around? Why shit hot dynamite is what you get.

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib released the Thuggin Ep last winter, and apparently have an entire LP slated for release some time in the first half of the year.  In the meantime watch the deliriously gangsta, and AK and big booty hoe filled, video to ‘Thuggin’, and after you’ve watched that why not listen to another superb track from the Thuggin EP titled ‘Deep’.

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Azarii & III’d have a strong eye for the  groove. Since releasing  their debut album, which coincidentally was also one of the best of last year,  the Canadian duo have taken over Pete Tong’s radio show, and delivered a set of disco -infused house that’ll have you drooling over your computer for the weekend. Get loose below:



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