Shlohmo “Wen UUU”

Shlohmo’s 2011 release Bad Vibes was a dense, and sometimes dark , record that warped and grooved between minimal electronic pulses and distorted shoe-gaze inspired flourishes. Underneath this scatterbrained beat making there was a clear sense of melody, and chilled sonic craftsmanship, that has flowed over into this new record.

Until the entire E.P Vacation drops on Feburary 7th, we only have track “Wen UUU” to keep us satisfied. And what a track it is. “Wen UUU” is a chilled, tripped out groove, centering around this looped vocal sample, and beautiful rhythmic licks. Black Tar can’t wait for the full E.P, and  neither should you.


One thought on “Shlohmo “Wen UUU”

  1. […] been digging man of the moment Shlomo’s new EP ‘Vacation’, and now New York wonderboy Nicolas Jaar has remixed ‘Rained the Whole […]

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