THEESatisfaction “Queens”

THEESatisfaction are Stas and Cat from Seattle, two women who started a hip hop project at college a few years back. Since then, the project has grown after  the duo appeared on the majestic Shabazz Palace record Black Up last year, and became the second hip hop group to be signed to Sub Pop’s beat exploration, with Awe Naturale due for released in late March.

The first cut, ‘Queens’,  is a jazzy, upbeat, slab of disco-inspired grooviness.  Initially pulsing around a simple 4/4 beat, the ladies inform us  to “leave our swag at the door”; they are like some old soul-sisters, telling us that street bullshit is not welcome here,  you can imagine them telling you to take your elbows from the table, or stop chewing with your mouth open. While this track is polite, and miles apart from the Odd future gang, the feel to this track is still satisfying, and a nice change of direction from frantic teenage profanity. Nonetheless, this style will not satisfy everyone’s taste for gritty street poetry, and Black Tar hopes future cuts from this duo are closer to the bone.


Alex Hall 

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