Listen to: Madlib remix- Jadakiss V DOOM

As part of his sprawling series Madlib Medicine Show, the most blunted Hip-Hop producer Madlib is set to release Madlib Medicine Show #13: Black Tape on the 1st of March. This remix- an infectiously jazzy collision between DOOM and Jadakiss- is the first cut to surface from the album.

But apart from being a key piece in the jigsaw of Madlib’s masterplan and an insight into his incredible work ethic, the bottom line is that this remix is a pure belter. It initially sounds like the quasi-funk groove is slowly submerging itself into dark waters (again highlighting how the finest work from DOOM and Madlib has so often been when the two have married their sounds together) before flitting excitingly through cartoonish sonic U-turns, Dada-ist non-sequiturs and Ghostface sampling “RUN!”s. All in under three minutes. And, as a bonus, the apparently controversial artwork has been described as featuring “mutant porn”. Thank you, Madlib, for inviting us into your strange, strange world.

Gavin Williams

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