Listen to new Burial/Four Tet track

In the wake of his heavyweight ‘Kindred’ EP (the ripples of which are still perceptible in the internet’s brilliantly geeky intellectualisation of bass music), a new Burial track has emerged, this time in the form of a collaboration with brother in beats, Four Tet.

The track, ‘Nova’, was uploaded by Kieran Hebdan- AKA Four Tet- with no clue as to when this was recorded (possibly as part of last year’s ‘Ego’/’Mirror’ colab), or if it is acting as a lead up to a new associated release from the pair.

‘Nova’, although featuring a sturdily progressive garage beat as a binding yolk, is slightly less kinetic than either Burial’s recent stuff or the pair’s collaboration last year.

The stuttering, almost embarrassingly amateurish take on house piano loops initially sound annoying and displaced. But gradually throughout the song, and with more and more listens, their naive nod to childhood syncopates itself with the in-and-out wave quality of Burial’s synth plates.

In fact the whole thing sounds a bit like a distant childhood memory of the seaside;

the crackling hiss sounding like waves lapping a pier; the way the entire track eases itself out of the speakers makes it seem as if its coming from underwater; Burials pitchshifted vocals (more subdued than normal) even sounding like a whale at sea.

But this is also reflected in the themes the sounds conjure. Forlornly nostalgic in the sighs of the encompassing bass, yet childlike in the slightly structureless frame.

Gavin Williams

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