Bobby Womack- ‘Please Forgive my Heart’


Bobby Womack has written some of the best soul records ever, so regardless of this being good or not this record will get featured on the blog. Womack’s new record The Bravest Man in the World is produced by Damon Albarn and Richard Russel, and it’s the newest original material he was released since 1992’s  Resurrection. The first cut we have from the record is ‘Please Forgive my Heart’, a slow ballad that really emphasises the still great, but worn qualities to Womack’s gruff soul chords. The production really helps to modernise his sound, which is beautifully accompanied by a rippling bass line and a minimal rythmn section. Despite the clear accomplishments on this track I don’t actually think it’s very good. Regretably the instrumentation is not experimental enough to make the take interesting, and the vocal hooks from Womack are forgettable.

‘Please Forgive My Heart’  is available to download now as a free mp3 from

The Bravest Man in the Universe will be released on 11th June on XL Recordings

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