Listen to Kelpe- ‘I Felt Fuzzy’

I once saw Kelpe ‘do a live’. He was twiddling around and summoning beats on his Macbook with some pretty, swirly colours being projected on the stage behind him. Somehow, though, the projection switched from the nice swirls and we, the audience, could then see a large-scale version of Kelpe’s desktop. He wasn’t summoning beats. He was playing a pre-recorded set while idly flicking through photos on his laptop and pointlessly moving files from one folder to another and back again. The audience stood and laughed for some time before Kelpe realised and, when the knob-twiddler rushed to flick back to the pretty swirly projection, it was far, far too late.

Luckily, Kelpe’s work ethic and professionalism doesn’t seem lacking in the slightest when it comes to his actual productions. ‘I Felt Fuzzy’ is a fantastic combination of glittery synths and woozy human sighs which sounds great whether you’re looking at pretty swirls (they really were quite pretty) or just someone rearranging their computer’s desktop.

Gavin Williams

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One thought on “Listen to Kelpe- ‘I Felt Fuzzy’

  1. Excuse me, but that was the projectionist’s laptop that was playing the visuals DVD. Obviously the visuals don’t come from the same computer that’s used to play live from. So, all that was projected that the audience saw was the in house visuals guy trying to find the visuals DVD again on his own laptop.

    I too find it frustrating when you go to see a “live” electronic show and it seems like nothing is happening but I work really hard on my live show and it is not pre-recorded.

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