After Sharona-gate, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that there’s another songwriter in Deerhunter’s ranks. Lockett Pundtt, also known as Lotus Plaza, co-wrote some of their finer moments in ‘Nothing Ever Happens’ and ’60 Cycle Hum’, and released his debut solo album, The Floodlight Collective, in 2009. A breezy listen much in the same vein as Deerhunter or Atlas Sound’s style, it nonetheless suffered from straying towards forgettable at times.

Lockett’s sophomore LP under the Lotus Plaza moniker is out in April, and the first song we’ve heard from it is encouraging. Again, it recalls Deerhunter – particularly their excellent 2008 album Microcastle – but it seems Lockett has grown into his role as a solo artist. Propelled by a marching band drumroll and panoramic arpeggios, ‘Strangers’ has more clarity and focus than his previous offerings. Here’s hoping Spooky Action At A Distance, out on April 2nd, is more of the same (even if the title isn’t especially promising…)

Lotus Plaza // ‘Strangers’

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