Watch the David Lynch directed video of ‘Crazy Clown Time’


Director David Lynch released an acclaimed album of typically dark and skwed electronic music last year. Out of context it appears to be a strange development for the surrealist auteur, but it’s not that surprising when you consider that he’s been collaborating on the soundtracks to his film projects for years- the man has a clear and defined musical aesthetic. And indeed it was a very solid album that thematically and sonically felt very “Lynchian”. Yet it’s still disappointing that he seems to be distracted from the world of film, where he really is a unique and powerful creative force.

So with that in mind it’s an absolute pleasure to see that Lynch has directed the video to the title track of Crazy Clown Time. It’s a disturbing and incredibly atmospheric look at a particularly deranged party that’s laden with dark images of twisted Americana- classic Lynch in effect. And it features amongst other things; A voluptuous woman topless and masturbating, a punk lighting his mowhawk on fire, and a lot of flashing lights and running around in circles. So basically when David Lynch says it’s Crazy Clown Time you best believe things are about to get crazy.

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