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James Murphy / / Boiler Room Mix


James Murphy recently dropped a surprise 50-minute set of his favorite beats at the Boiler Room, London. The tunes  are so good you’ll loose your cool and run naked into the street.

Listen Here

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Peaking Lights / / Lucifer Mixtape

Black Tar is riding high on this summer vibe, and what better way to continue it than a fat dose of blissful disco, shimmering floral flourishes all mixed down by one of the best bands around, Peaking Lights. The dub/ psychedelic duo have put together a couple of mixtapes- and curated their own radio station 936 – but this one is huge! Hidden amongst the ace selection of records are snippets from their forthcoming release, Lucifer in June; which will undoubtedly be one of the best this year. Abeano chatted to the Aaron Coles about the record:

“To Indra and I, though there are similarities to earlier recordings, this stands on its own. It’s changed us, or maybe we were already changed when we wrote it and it is that cathartic release. There was a new approach to recording our rhythms and we were able to see thru many more influences. To us this record is about play and playfulness, unconditional love, rhythms and pulses, creation and vibration.”

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Quakers / ‘Hip Hop Quake’ Mix


Regular readers will know of Black Tar’s ongoing excitement surrounding Portishead’s Geoff Barrow’s Hip- Hop project Quakers, who are about to drop their album at the end of March on Stones Throw Records. Barrow will collaborate with Australian producer Katalyst, and engineer Stuart Matthews on the project, and to celebrate the imminent arrival of the record Katalyst has put together a mix of psychedelic pop, classic hip hop and random sound snippets to wet your appetite.   Dig it




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Listen to: DJ Harvey’s R.A. Mix

Resident Advisor has marked a significant landmark in their excellent podcast mix series by recruiting legendary, DJ Harvey, for a long ass, bad ass mix.

Number #300 is surely one of the weirdest mixes (I obviously don’t know for sure as I haven’t listened to all 300 like an uber-nerd) to be put together for RA. Forget cutting edge bass tracks or slices of contemporary electronic soundscapes, DJ Harvey’s mix is a raw, almost-disconcerting jigsaw of funk, psychedelic, rock and afro-centric tunes. Like a historic photo-documentary of carnivals over the past four or so decades, the mix throws up flashes of a thousand different places and time periods. All in dark party mode. All of which, at the very least, provides a bit of oomph to an otherwise potentially impotent Monday afternoon.

Listen to el Mix-o and read el interview-o. 

Gavin Williams

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