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Death Grips // ‘I’ve Seen Footage’

Well, this is a surprise: Death Grips release something vaguely accessible (!). Don’t worry, the trademark vitriol is still there in buckets, but the new track from the Sacramento doom mongers is their most accessible work yet. ‘I’ve Seen Footage’ reimagines the jumping rhythms of old school mainstays like Run DMC and Salt ‘n’ Pepa. Really.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Death Grips track without a healthy dose of paranoia. As you might guess from the title, ‘I’ve Seen Footage’ deals with police surveillance, something that has pervaded their recent output and seems like as good an indication as any of the lyrical content of The Money Store. Listen to it and download it for free below:

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Death Grips // The Fever (Aye Aye)

Death Grips released one of our favourite albums of 2011 in ExMilitary. Their sophomore effort comes out on Epic next month, and we feel like a 7-year-old counting down the days until Christmas.

The Sacramento outfit have made a fourth track available for download for free on their Soundcloud. ‘The Fever (Aye Aye)’ is the best thing we’ve heard in a damn while. It manages to be one of their most instrumentally complex tracks while somehow outdoing the intensity of a lot of their previous output. Mind = blown. If you are averse to unhinged genre-bending chaos, avert your eyes and ears. If not, you’re in for a treat. Download it here, or watch the video below.

The Money Store is out on April 23rd.

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Death Grips // ‘Lost Boys’


Sacramento’s finest apocalyptic hip-hop act – hell, the finest anywhere – Death Grips, have given away yet another free track in the lead-up to their Epic Records debut, The Money Store. Typically brutal, ‘Lost Boys’ is our favourite cut so far, bristling with the raw aggression that makes Death Grips one of the most vital groups around.

Don’t take it from us – as MC Ride himself says: “Beware, you have been warned, the barrel’s still warm.”

The Money Store will be the first of two the band release this year; No Love is slated for release this Autumn.

Listen to ‘Lost Boys’ and download it for free below:

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DVA – ‘Eye Know (featuring Natalie Maddix)’

Every time the sun decides to come out from behind the clouds for a few days, we always look  for a new release to soundtrack the sunshine.

DVA’s Pretty Ugly on the perennially innovative Hyperdub, which has been up for streaming for the last few days, has been ideal. Don’t believe us? Check out the new video to ‘Eye Know (featuring Natalie Maddix)’. Sensual and psychedelic.

Review of the full album to follow.

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R&R Grooove Express – Ti Amo (De La Fonque)

If, like us, you like to prepare for the weekend by blasting uber-sleazy Italian disco, then you’re in luck.
The aptly-named R&R Grooove Express (yes, that’s three ‘o’s) know the score. Out now through Dutch label Fremdtunes, ‘Ti Amo (De La Fonque)’ is a neighbour-bothering exercise in ‘fonque’, complete with a neon-splattered video and, you guessed it, vocoders.
Still, the opening gambit would sound a lot less sexy in English: ‘Enter the disco… Splendid!’
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Monster Rally & RUMTUM – ‘Tribes’


Ohio-based Monster Rally & RUMTUM’s ‘Tribes’ is almost absurdly serene. Based around frothing percussion that suggests the very drops of a cascade in paradise and the looped coo of some exotic creature, it’s basically like taking a bubble bath in heaven. Which would probably be quite nice really.

Download two tracks for free on their Soundcloud, or give it a spin below:

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New Music // Clams Casino – Swervin Instrumental

Clams Casino’s (free!) Instrumentals was one of the finest releases last year. Rather than follow the rhythmically experimental patterns in forward-thinking beats that the likes of Dilla and Madlib made possible, Clams kept the drums simple and let the warm, effervescent synths do the talking.

In that respect, nothing’s changed with new track ‘Swervin’ (Instrumental)’, but the results are still sublime. Listen to the new track below:

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New Music // I Ching – ‘ It’s me’

I Ching is Rollo Smallcombe and Kevin Emre. The pair met at art college and soon after started to make music together. Although writing as a duo, the band play live as a four piece, adding Andrew Ford (keys) and Tom Jones (drums) to the line up.  They currently write from a home studio in Finsbury Park and are signed to Best Fit Recordings

On the press release, I Ching say they are influenced by pop, the avant-garde, 60s psych and Turkish garage, as well as early 80s synthesiser music; ‘With an emphasis on colour and texture in their sound, the songs are written and produced to probe the imagination and imagery inside the listeners’ head’. Add in a propulsive motorik influence and you’re basically set. These guys are already racking up the hits on their Soundcloud, so get yourself over there and join in:

I Ching

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Sinkane- ‘Runnin’ (Daphni Remix)



Under a number of aliases Dan Snaith aka Caribou, aka Daphni, can do no wrong. This new remix of Sinkane’s ‘Runnin’ is a slow burner, extending the original toward the seven minute mark with a chugging beat, and aid back atmospherics that somehow don’t loose momentum and maintain those stratospheric proportions we all know and love.


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