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Death Grips // The Fever (Aye Aye)

Death Grips released one of our favourite albums of 2011 in ExMilitary. Their sophomore effort comes out on Epic next month, and we feel like a 7-year-old counting down the days until Christmas.

The Sacramento outfit have made a fourth track available for download for free on their Soundcloud. ‘The Fever (Aye Aye)’ is the best thing we’ve heard in a damn while. It manages to be one of their most instrumentally complex tracks while somehow outdoing the intensity of a lot of their previous output. Mind = blown. If you are averse to unhinged genre-bending chaos, avert your eyes and ears. If not, you’re in for a treat. Download it here, or watch the video below.

The Money Store is out on April 23rd.

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The Horrors // ‘Changing The Rain’


The perennially drainpiped Horrors (to use their full name) are well-versed in psychedelia. They’ve always demonstrated a knowledge of obscure cosmic classics verging on the academic, so it makes sense that the new video to ‘Changing The Rain’ sees their cartoonised heads floating before a swirling kaleidoscope of morphing patterns. One might think they want to suggest their music is, well, trippy! Perish the thought!

As the opening song on Skying, it’s curiously baggy, as many have suggested, recalling the ecstasy-fuelled grooves of The Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses as much as The 13th Floor Elevators. Either way, they get abducted by aliens. Watch the video below:

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The Shoes – Time To Dance // Video

The new music video by The Shoes is fantastic. In a nutshell: Jake Gyllenhaal murders a load of hipsters in Dalston. What’s not to like?

Oh, and the song itself is a banger, too. Watch the ultra-violent video below:

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Watch // ‘Hotflush: It’s Not A Sound’ Mini Documentary


Scuba’s Bristol-based label has been responsible for some of the most consistent output in bass music over the last few years. Some of its key artists, including Machinedrum, Sigha and Scuba himself talk about the label in this short but well-made documentary that sheds light on the innerworkings of one of the best labels around.

Watch the video below:

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DVA – ‘Eye Know (featuring Natalie Maddix)’

Every time the sun decides to come out from behind the clouds for a few days, we always look  for a new release to soundtrack the sunshine.

DVA’s Pretty Ugly on the perennially innovative Hyperdub, which has been up for streaming for the last few days, has been ideal. Don’t believe us? Check out the new video to ‘Eye Know (featuring Natalie Maddix)’. Sensual and psychedelic.

Review of the full album to follow.

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R&R Grooove Express – Ti Amo (De La Fonque)

If, like us, you like to prepare for the weekend by blasting uber-sleazy Italian disco, then you’re in luck.
The aptly-named R&R Grooove Express (yes, that’s three ‘o’s) know the score. Out now through Dutch label Fremdtunes, ‘Ti Amo (De La Fonque)’ is a neighbour-bothering exercise in ‘fonque’, complete with a neon-splattered video and, you guessed it, vocoders.
Still, the opening gambit would sound a lot less sexy in English: ‘Enter the disco… Splendid!’
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