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New Music // I Ching – ‘ It’s me’

I Ching is Rollo Smallcombe and Kevin Emre. The pair met at art college and soon after started to make music together. Although writing as a duo, the band play live as a four piece, adding Andrew Ford (keys) and Tom Jones (drums) to the line up.  They currently write from a home studio in Finsbury Park and are signed to Best Fit Recordings

On the press release, I Ching say they are influenced by pop, the avant-garde, 60s psych and Turkish garage, as well as early 80s synthesiser music; ‘With an emphasis on colour and texture in their sound, the songs are written and produced to probe the imagination and imagery inside the listeners’ head’. Add in a propulsive motorik influence and you’re basically set. These guys are already racking up the hits on their Soundcloud, so get yourself over there and join in:

I Ching

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