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Portugal. The Man / / ‘All my Light’ [ RZA Remix ]

‘Shy bairns get nowt’ is something my mum used to say, and this message certainly ran true with Portugal. The Man who simply asked the legendary Wu Tang Clan producer, RZA, for a remix and lo-and-behold they got it. Not the most remarkable and exciting of tales, but  RZA has certainly taken the task seriously, and loaded the track with a messy fuzzed- out vibe that morphs around a thick bass line and gloriously layered vocal lines. Thanks to the Fader for sharing.

Listen Here

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The Magician X Sebastien / / ‘Cochon Ville’ [Remix]

The Magician has remixed Sebastien Tellier’s ‘Cochon Ville’ and it’s bloody marvelous. Tellier will be releasing new album My God is Blue later this year.

Cochon Ville

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Sinkane- ‘Runnin’ (Daphni Remix)



Under a number of aliases Dan Snaith aka Caribou, aka Daphni, can do no wrong. This new remix of Sinkane’s ‘Runnin’ is a slow burner, extending the original toward the seven minute mark with a chugging beat, and aid back atmospherics that somehow don’t loose momentum and maintain those stratospheric proportions we all know and love.


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